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Located in the confines of Edinburgh Castle and fully integrated in the castle's visitor experience, The National War Museum of Scotland showcases an exuberant selection of exhibits pertaining to Scottish infantries and national military service that was obligatory in Scotland and the UK up until the early 1960s. At this national museum, visitors can uncover Scotland's longstanding military history spanning 400 years through a captivating array of military artefacts and treasures of historical significance.

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This modest sized museum incorporated six galleries that unveil the effects of war on both civilians and soldiers and the variations of military equipment used throughout the ages of Scotland's military past. On a moving and somewhat poignant note, visitors can read the recollections of warm inscribed in personal diaries at the A Grand Life of A Scotsman Gallery, one of the most intriguing sections in the museum that chronicles the lives of Scottish soldiers from conscription to their retirement.

As a symbolic commemoration to the bravery of Scottish Regiments, visitors can take glimpse of a stunning collection of firearms and traditional weapons on display at the 'Tools of the Trade' Gallery featuring a wealth of rifles, bullets, bayonets and swords. Discover the dramatic shift from traditional weaponry to the age of ammunition.

The National War Museum of Scotland also contains a fine collection of art and beautiful silverware and crafts that capture various moments of war. Get up close to illustrative paintings of battle scenes such as the trenches of the Great War (1914-18) and of senior Scottish servicemen, each evoking the gallantry and strength of those who fought in the front line of some of the bloodiest wars in world history.

Equally engaging and moving is the special exhibition dedicated to the Far East conflict in 1945 that illustrates individual recollections and showcases various crafts produced by Japanese prisoners of war from Scottish regiments. From intricate woodwork to decorative plaques commemorating the struggle in South-East Asia, visitors can uncover a series of fascinating true stories and treasures that resulted from some of the harshest moments of the Second World War.

A visit to the National War Museum of Scotland is an essential part to both Edinburgh's and Edinburgh Castle's cultural itinerary and boasts some of the finest military exhibits and artefacts in Europe. Capture the essence of Scotland's eventful military past and experience some of the most poignant moments of the country's military past as former servicemen unveil a melange of stories and personal thoughts that both inspire and move visitors. Various military mementoes and souvenirs can be purchased at the in-house gift shop as reminder of your visit to the National War Museum.