Perthshire Kinross


The Perthshire town of Kinross is a busy commercial centre providing visitors with an excellent base for discovering the beauty of the Scottish Heartlands, Perthshire and Fife. Situated approximately 15 miles south of the 'Fair City' of Perth, Kinross boasts an exquisite range of boutiques and its own Cashmere Mill, Todd & Duncan's, stocking a colourful selection of fine quality knitware at the factory shop, often retailing a host of products at bargain prices.

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Kinross is the home to Scotland's largest indoor Sunday market, featuring over 150 stalls, selling anything from fresh produce to second hand books and rare collectors items, certainly worth exploring for your Sunday itinerary. The area is also renowned for its host of local artists and artisans where you can purchase anything from hand crafted pottery to wooden sculptures and objets d'art to add to your home collection.

With Loch Leven at its doorstep, there is certainly no shortage of leisure acitivies to take advantage of during your stay in Kinross where you can enjoy a spot of course angling in the loch, stocking the rare pink fleshed trout or hone your fishing skills at the various fisheries interspersed around. For an adrenaline rush, why not sample an 'Air Experience Flight' at the nearby Scottish Gliding Centre, rewarding you with magnificent eagle eye views over Loch Leven, Kinross and the peaks of Bishops Hill and Benarty Hill. One of the biggest attractions to the Kinross area each year is Scotland's largest music festival, T 'n' The Park, showcasing a sensational line-up of world-renowned pop and rock groups rivalling with Glastonbury Festival in size and headlining acts.