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Sat, Sun: 10am to 5pm
The Barrowlands Market or The Barras as it is locally known is one of Glasgow's major shopping visitor attractions. Not long after the turn of the century a young woman named Margaret McIver struck upon the idea of opening a trading market in Glasgow.

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Having worked on a small fruit stall from a tender age this lady's great idea for a market later went on to become The Barrowlands and is still going strong to this day. The same great atmosphere pertains today with friendly, helpful and professional traders always on hand.

There are a great variety of stalls within the market ranging from hand made fabrics, plants and flowers and antique furniture. The market is open every weekend with Saturday being the most busy and popular for trading.

You can easily access The Barrowlands it is around about a 15 minute walk from Glasgow Central Station and along at the far end of Argyle Street. You can also take your own transport, as there is parking available.

You will also find great food stalls within the market including freshly prepared crepes and pancakes, doughnuts and hotdogs. There are also many bars and restaurants outwith the market if you are perhaps looking for something more substantial.