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25 Albert Drive,
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Tramway Theatre
The Tramway Theatre in Glasgow is one of the leading venues for contemporary visual and performing arts venues in Europe. The Tramway's unique space allows artists, visitors, directors and producers to create visually attractive and imaginative productions.

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Tramway is Scotland's most internationally acclaimed venue for contemporary visual and performing art. This reputation is founded on the tramway's commitment to the presentation of the most innovative work by Scottish and international artists. The very distinctive architecture, character and history of the venue itself have ensured that Tramway is a unique place to produce and experience the best in contemporary art.

The building itself started out life as a Tram shed in 1893 and in the early 20th century it served as Glasgow's main Tram terminus, depot and factory. With the demise of the trams in the 1960's the building was then used as the museum of transport. The transport museum was then moved to the Kelvin Hall and the Tramway Theatre was born.

Within the Tramway theatre there is a visual arts studio and it is in here that many classes take place. Portfolio Preparation, Evening Life Classes, Skill Based Workshops, Design Based Workshops and Saturday Art Workshops to name but a few. If interested in any of these classes then please contact the Tramway Theatre.

There are many interesting productions and exhibition happening at the Tramway Theatre at any given time, details of which are available on the Tramway's website. The Tramway also prides itself on producing publications of catalogues and artists work throughout the year.

The Tramway Theatre is located on the south side of the city on Albert Drive. There are many ways to get to the Tramway Theatre including various buses and other public transport links. On street parking is available although it can be busy when there are performances taking place.

A host of other great comedians have sold out shows at the Pavilion, including Glasgow’s great son of comedy, Billy Connolly and English variety comedians such as Freddie Starr, Jimmy Tarbuck, Les Dawson, Bernard Manning amongst others, each delivering their own distinctive comic repertoire. Today, the Pavilion is Glasgow’s bastion of music hall and pantomime traditions, which continues to flourish into the 21st Century. Over the last twenty years, it has showcased a plethora of sell out performances from Sydney Devine to hyponotist Peter Powers. Now over one hundred years old, the theatre is still in fine fettle.